Healthy organizations know that success =
high employee wellbeing + optimal organizational performance.



How do they know this? The research shows it!  

Organizational Benefits of Enhanced Employee Well-Being & Performance:

•    Improved quality and productivity
•    Reduced absenteeism and increased engagement
•    Fewer accidents and injuries
•    Higher recruitment and retention of top-quality employees
•    Improved customer service and satisfaction
•    Lower healthcare costs

*Center for Organizational Excellence, the American Psychological Association

Click image to view presentation in .pdf file format

Click image to view presentation in .pdf file format


Many successful organizations (such as Google and Zappos) recognize the value of coaching and leadership development in cultivating both a healthy and high performing workforce – at the individual, team, and leadership level. 

If you are an organization that cares about and values your employees, and is committed to creating a productive and positive work environment, let’s discuss how coaching and leadership development could bring your organization to the next level and beyond.


Including large, mid-size, and non-profit institutions

organizational consulting &
executive Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Organizational Health

  • Employee Wellbeing & Organizational Performance

  • Leadership & Team Development

  • Stress Management & Self-Care

  • Effective Communication

  • Executive Presence & Public Speaking

Group Facilitation

  • Fostering a Healthy Workplace

  • Employee Stress and What To Do About It

  • Creating and Maintaining Professional Boundaries

  • Integrating Self-Care Into the Workplace

Team Facilitation

  • Team Emotional Intelligence

  • Healthy Communication

  • Trust & Cohesion

  • High Performance

  • Clear, Professional Boundaries


Packages and plans are customized to meet your organization's needs.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together on your Executive and Team Leadership.



“Dana is an excellent coach who I have had the good fortune of working with on my personal and professional goals. After setting those goals, she helped me to focus on making continual progress, identify obstacles and find solutions. By combining practical strategies along with mutual respect and a sense of humor, Dana has helped me gain a greater awareness of my strengths and the areas that I can continue to focus on and improve. Having what I consider to be expertise in the areas of emotional intelligence and self-care, Dana’s approach to coaching is not only effective, it is also sustainable, positive and healthy."


"I hired Dana as an executive coach to help grow in my business and in my personal life. She is highly knowledgeable in her field of work, and at the same time is capable of quickly understanding her clients needs. Our work together has helped me gain clarity, make difficult decisions, lead with greater transparency, and strengthen my business relationships. As a result, over the past two years that I have worked with her, I have more then tripled my company sales and profits. I am grateful to have found her, and I look forward to continuing on a path of growth professionally and personally. I highly recommend Dana to anyone that is serious about growing on all levels."

- george germano, director and owner
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“I am very grateful for our coaching sessions together - they were empowering, confirming, insightful, and challenging on many levels. Our coaching helped me to evaluate important areas of strength as well as areas of growth, particularly about how I was responding (or not) to situations as a woman in a leadership position, with a challenging supervisory relationship. I believe I became a better person, employee and leader as a result of my wonderful experience working with you.”


"The techniques learned at Dr. Gionta's workshop put our staff in the driver's seat! It was a lively and informative presentation that will continue to be useful not just in the work context, but in all areas of our lives. Everyone was grateful for the opportunity to learn these helpful skills! Highly recommended!!”




Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Key Areas of Focus

  • Work/life balance when you're the boss: when does the work day end and your personal/family life begin?

  • Why knowing the multiple hats of running your own business is essential in being successful and avoiding burnout

  • Self-care and stress management assessment and action planning

  • Personal and professional boundary-setting: skill assessment and implementation (i.e., setting boundaries with difficult clients)

The Starter Consultation

60 minutes

  • Gain an objective perspective of your situation

  • Identify your possible options for change

  • Get clear on the issues involved

  • Prioritize what's most important

  • Increase your awareness of what is and isn't working

  • Create action steps for success


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