Become the person you want to be
through self-discovery and courageous action.



If you've ever felt like you aren't where you're meant to be in life, you're not alone.

Most of us - at some point or another in our lives - feel like we're not in the right career or position, are overwhelmed or stressed, can't get out of an unhealthy relationship, or just feel stuck, anxious, or confused.

I’m here to help you discover, honor, and act on your truth, and give yourself permission to do the things you want and need to do to be your healthiest, happiest self.

Coaching and/or therapy can help you gain clarity on what's really going on in your life, see things as part of a bigger picture, and move from that "stuck" feeling into courageous action.

I call it "courageous" action because it takes a hefty amount of courage to make life-altering changes.

When we work together, I become part of your journey, and I take that responsibility seriously - although that doesn't mean we won't have fun along the way!


Your Individual Coaching Options

Each option gives you the opportunity to dive into:

  • Overall life transitions

  • Self-care and stress management

  • Setting boundaries and limits

  • Work/life balance

  • Personal and professional relationships

  • Communication styles

  • Goals and measures of success


This process starts with you.

Regardless of what we talk about, you will come away with specific actions - both small and large - that you can take to get on the track toward change in your life.



"I discovered Dr. Gionta's self-care workshop at a time in my life when I was emotionally paralyzed from too many personal losses. She helped me put myself back on my own list of priorities and realize how my happiness and health impacts every other factor in my life. The workshops are full of amazing information and humor and were the best gift I could have given myself. Thank you, Dr. Gionta!”

- Patty V.

I'm a breast cancer survivor, married with 2 children, one of which has been working through a drug addiction. I also work as a health care professional. Being a mother, wife, grandmother and health professional, I've found myself in the constant role of caregiver. To everyone but myself. Through my work with Dr. Gionta, I've learned how to take better care of myself. It has been invaluable. She is a great coach, empowers me to take action when very much needed, and encourages me to practice self-care daily!

- Lynn

"Dr. Gionta has taught me a lifetime's worth of wisdom in our time working together. She has shown me healthier approaches to living, and helped me balance a life that had fallen way off-center. She has encouraged me to challenge msyelf, to push past anxieties and old, unhealthy patterns to discover and honor myself in all areas of life. With Dr. Gionta's help, I am learning to really live, enjoy and own MY life.”

- Diane



Your journey starts here:

An Adventure: Individual Coaching

A 5-to-8 Week Journey

During our journey together, we will begin by getting clear on what your desires and/or specific goals are for your coaching. It may be related to one of the areas above or another of importance to you. We will explore what is working well for you, your strengths and unique abilities, and your current motivation to achieving a particular goal or making a courageous life change. Obstacles to moving forward will be assessed, including emotional, physical, mental, and contextual. We will then co-develop strategies and powerful action steps to create an individual plan for both your immediate and long-term success.

*Relevant recommended articles, videos, books or reflective exercises and self-assessment inventories may be included as part of our adventure together. 



An Exploration: Introduction, Assessment, + Implementation of Boundary-Setting

A 3-week Exploration (60 minutes per week)

Boundary-setting is truly a skill. During our enjoyable work together, I will provide an initial overview of what a boundary is, the 2 types of boundaries and the valuable roles boundaries play in our lives. We will explore your current desire and ability in setting and maintaining boundaries - in both your personal and professional life. Challenges you personally have (the 3 anti-boundary muskateers possibly) in setting boundaries will be explored and strategies to overcome will be discussed. Depending on your current ability level and comfort, I will ask you to select 1 boundary to set during this time, to begin practicing these valuable new skills and learning from your courageous action steps!

*I will ask you to review some interesting yet brief readings about boundaries during our time together to provide you with a stronger foundation in boundary-setting. 



Assess Your Stress Consultation

90 minutes

Prior this consultation, you will have taken a 15-minute inventory to help assess your current stress level. We will review together, and determine whether you are in the green, yellow or red zone. Current stress management and self-care coping strategies will be explored and any physical and emotional stress-related symptoms you are experiencing will be assessed. We will identify what is working well for you and what additional strategies would be most helpful and do-able for you at this time, as well as address any obstacles currently affecting you. At the end, you will have an individualized action plan to guide you in taking powerful pro-active steps to more effectively manage your stress. 

*One month post-consultation, you'll update me via email about your progress.



The Discovery Session

60 minutes

In this session, we will discuss your key interests and goals in embarking on a coaching journey, with questions such as "why now?", "What would living the way you desire or accomplishing what you truly want mean for you?", "How would your life be different?" These are an example of the type of reflective, self-discovery questions we will discuss. At the end of this session, you will have greater clarity and self-knowledge about what is important to you. We will identify the best coaching arrangement for you, depending on your readiness and motivation, that will set you up to succeed.  



The Laser-Focused Coaching Session

45 minutes

The sole purpose of this coaching session is movement on a current life or professional situation that is of concern - whether this is a shift in perspective; identifying additional options you have; clarifying the most powerful action step you can take; recognizing what is/is not your responsibility; or gaining increased awareness of what the perceived obstacles are and how you can pro-actively address to move toward resolution. 

Is something above just what you're looking for?
If so, simply let me know and we'll get you started on your path toward courageous change!

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